Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Too busy! Much too busy!

Did anyone ever see the Monty Python episode where a policeman keeps breaking in on the sketches proclaiming "Too silly! Much too silly!" ? It's necessary to keep that voice in mind...

Also, have you ever been in a state of constant low-grade guilt because there are so many things you haven't yet gotten done? It's like that around here in Book Nerd land. Sometimes I think I'm just not cut out to be a blogger -- how do all you folks do it?

But things are starting to get sorted out. The ELNO, for one, is well under way -- don't forget to email me if you're a New York-area young person in the book industry and you'd like to attend (or if you're a publisher who would like to donate some swag -- er, publicity materials -- for the event).

I will get back to those of you who are interested in guest blogging as soon as I have time to think about a schedule -- don't think I don't appreciate your offers, because I DO! Hold that thought, and I'll be in touch soon.

In the meantime, rather than reading the rantings of my frazzled brain today, read this article from AlterNet about the closing of Cody's Books in Berkeley and what it may or may not imply for independent bookstores in general. The conversation it engendered on AlterNet is vast and interesting. Does this writer have his finger on the pulse, or is he just one of the naysayers? Curious what you all think...

Hope you're having a good Wednesday -- see you in a state of sanity!