Monday, December 03, 2007

Do you love to read books but hate reading books?

I just about fell out of my chair cracking up over this.

It may not be the most sophisticated critique of the Kindle, but it's possibly the funniest, and maybe the most satisfying.

I came across by way of Chip Kidd on A Brief Message, by way of GalleyCat. Everyone's sure talking about this thing.

LBC & Me

When I took on the second job at BookStream, I had a couple of wild-eyed moments of realizing that I literally didn't have time for all the things I've committed to in my life. Several calmer, more balanced individuals suggested making a list of all of my projects, and figuring out which I could cut out. Making an actual list, of course, would take too much precious time, but I did ponder the various options in my head over several weeks. Something (or somethings) had to give.

Sadly, among the projects left behind was participation in the Litblog Co-Op. Though I haven't yet been moved from "participating weblogs" to "members emeritus" yet (because EVERYONE in the LBC is probably at least as busy as I am), I've officially given notice to the group. It sucks, because there are so many smart folks blogging there, and I've gotten to read so many great books (that I might never have discovered otherwise) and had some great online conversations about them. But promising to read three extra books per quarter, vote on a favorite, participate in many email discussions about policy and schedules, and participate in many online discussions about books, didn't seem like something I could do in good faith. So, one thing regretfully crossed off the list.

However, the LBC continues to do its good work of highlighting underpublicized fiction. They've just announced the Winter 2007 READ THIS! pick: The Further Shore by Matthew Eck (Milkweed Editions). If Dan Wickett recommends it, chances are it's good stuff -- his intro compares it to The Things They Carried, but to me the plot sounds intriguingly like The Warriors (beloved of Brooklynites and fans of good bad movies everywhere). If I can find it in my pile of books, perhaps I'll actually be able to take the LBC's recommendation (instead of determining it). Best of luck and Godspeed to the faithful LBC members -- I'll be reading!