Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Link-Mad Wednesday, Guest edition

Today's links are mostly courtesy of the ALP, who has been more on top of breaking news than I have lately. More interesting stuff later this week...

First, an interview with one of my favorite authors, Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket); I couldn't sell the fabulous The Basic 8 to save my life, so I'm glad he's a bestseller now...

One blogger dares to put a number on what constitutes good sales for first-time literary fiction. Agree? Disagree? (I admit my guess about the number was way off...)

The Guardian collects their top ten books about whaling -- because they can.

Bookninja points us to perhaps the coolest private library in the entire world.

And some topical links (because as the publicists keep telling me, it's hard to get people to think about books in an election season):

What better guide in choosing your elected representatives than classic works of science fiction?

The New Yorker speculates on the Republican relationship to words, or "verbage".

More serious, NPR recommends three reads for the current election.

Happy linking!