Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving On, Moving Over

Dear readers of The Written Nerd, if there are any of you still out there,

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything here in almost six months. This blog served a great purpose for me for five long years -- from October 2005, when I declared my geeky book and bookstore love and my quixotic intention to open a bookstore. As you know if you've been reading me, that dream has come true. Which means any blogging time and energy I had is now dedicated to the bookstore. And to a degree, it also means that I don't need this outlet for my thoughts about book culture anymore, since I have coworkers and customers and a whole industry with which to explore them. Not to mention that there's a whole new generation of book bloggers who have a lot more interesting things to say!

So I'm officially signing off from The Written Nerd. This means two things:

1) If you are a publicist, please don't send books to The Written Nerd anymore. I get far more books than I could ever read through the bookstore (you can contact me there if you'd like to send me something or get in touch). If I do get books send to The Written Nerd, I'll know you're not actually reading my blog.

2) I'm still reading books, and I'd still like to talk about them, but in a much more low-key way. So I've started a Tumblr blog called A Small Book of Books, after the tiny notebook my first boss and mentor Toby used to record his reading. Feel free to read along.

Thanks to all of you whom I connected with through this blog -- I'm so glad you've been part of my life, and I love where we're all going!