Thursday, January 29, 2009

Keeping Up*

Umm.... I guess I'm on Facebook now. We recently created a Facebook page for McNally Jackson -- I admit I groaned a little at first, but it's becoming a neat way to spread the word about events, extend discussion beyond the bookstore, and share the love. I had to create a personal profile to administer the store page, and well.... there are just so many cool people out there (that I do, actually know IRL**) that I now find myself friending with abandon.

I think I'd avoided Facebook for a long time for the same reason I haven't read Harry Potter -- if everyone else is doing it, why should I? (In other words, I'm a snob, and it somehow seemed like something for kids with short attention spans.) And I still have my reservations about the procrastination potential, not to mention the idea that relationships can be maintained without face-to-face contact, and that "friend" is a verb... but I think perhaps I was just being stubborn by avoiding it altogether. Hopefully I can control the addictiveness -- and hey, I've already gotten in touch with an author for a potential event, so come on, it's totally practical.

And today, I discovered via the Facebook page of Kristin Gillian Vlahos of the ABA that there's a Winter Institute Flickr page! So I'm feeding my hunger for news from Salt Lake City by perusing the pics submitted. If you're there, help a sister out and post some great book and people pictures. If you're stuck at home like me, check it out for some vicarious thrills. Hooray for the intersection of the electronic and the traditional!

* Get it? Keeping up with the Facebook Joneses, keeping up on Winter Institute happenings...

** IRL = In Real Life. Like, totally LOL.