Friday, October 12, 2007


Killing two birds with one stone, I'm making my plans for this weekend's NAIBA-Con (also known as the NAIBA fall conference) in Baltimore and blogging as well! Ha!

Print out handouts for Internet panel and Emerging Leaders meeting

10:00 Meet my colleague Adjua at Penn Station to take the train to Baltimore.
Afternoon: visit Baltimore bookstores, including breathe books and Atomic Books. Can't wait to talk to these great booksellers and check out their stores -- honestly, this is one of the main reasons I've advocated to have the conference in Baltimore!
6:30 NAIBA board reception
8:00 Early Bird buffet supper
9:30 Quiz Bowl! This was way too much fun last year, mostly thanks to Quiz Master Joe Drabyak -- hopefully Arthur Phillips won't be there to show up all the booksellers' literary knowledge. I'm hoping to round up an Emerging Leaders team to show what the young'uns know...

8:00 (if I'm ambitious) Walk down to the harbor and stroll through the historic section of Baltimore with Susan Weis
8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9:45-12:15 Pick of the Lists -- a chance to hear publishers' reps talk about what's REALLY worth reading and selling on the fall and winter lists.
12:30-2:15 Moveable Feast -- one of the best and most unique parts of the regional trade shows, which I recently heard an author describe as "speed dating" for authors and booksellers. Authors move from table to table to talk to booksellers about their new work as we eat (they get to eat earlier, okay?) I've been tapped to Emcee the Feast, which will be a first for me.
Afternoon educational sessions:
I'd like to go to the ABA's Staff Development session at 2:30, if I can make it while getting our NAIBA table set up with sample displays -- check out our "Judge a Book / Buy its Cover" display, and the gorgeous book covers publishers have contributed, and think about how it might work in your store.
3:45 - 4:45 Making the Most of the Internet: Digital Tools for Booksellers, my panel with Bob Gray and Felicia Sullivan. I'm so excited about the ideas we have to offer and the conversation I'm hoping this will spark!
4:15-5:15 I'm going to try to catch the tail end of Getting the Most Out of Your Floor Space, hosted by my colleague (and floor display maven) Adjua Greaves. This is a continuation of the session we had in our bookstore talking about making conscious decisions about the use of space and imagery in the bookstore, and I expect to learn more from it.
5:00-6:00 If I have time, I'll stop by the Reading Room and see some authors performing their work.
6:00-7:30 The floor opens for a preview, and a chance to peruse the publisher tables and schmooze with publishers and authors.
7:30-9 Awards Banquet, including the Legacy Award, Book of the Year awardsd and the Dashiell Hammett Awards.
9 - 11 Noir Bar - drinks with mystery writers -- what could be better!?

8:00 (groan) breakfast
9:30-4:00 The show floor, the traditional centerpiece of the trade show/conference -- I'll definitely be checking out publishers' display ideas and recommendations for fall books.
12:00 Emerging Leaders networking lunch - Susan Weiss and I will host a table to chat with booksellers about Emerging Leaders over lunch.
2:47 My train back to New York, probably loaded down with luscious new books and valuable promo materials, not to mention great new ideas.
What a weekend -- hope to see you there....