Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Book Communities (Happy World Book Day!)

Just a reminder for the book nerds of New York: in celebration of World Book Day or Book & Lovers Day, today from 5 to 8 is the impromptu World Book Party is happening at the southwest corner of Washington Square Park. I'll be working at the bookstore, but if you're free, show up with a book to swap, and make a friend.

Speaking of book nerds coming together, I'm launching a new little experiment in social networking. I've now joined three book sites: Shelfari, Goodreads, and LibraryThing. If you want to befriend me, you can find me as "booknerdnyc" on all three sites. I've loaded up just the books I've read this year (Shelfari has more, as I've been a member there longer). I'm weighing my impressions of all three sites for a future writeup here. And it's also good practice for me to start keeping better track of what I've read. I plan to seriously start doing some book reviewing around here pretty soon.

And I'd also like to get back into chronicling the Brooklyn book community by restarting my Brooklyn Lit Life series. If you have suggestions for folks I should contact for interviews who are somehow involved in the literary life of Brooklyn -- booksellers, publishers, editors, authors, etc. -- or if you are one yourself, zing me an email and we'll get it started.

And for one last excercise in community building: thanks to the technological prowess of my buddy Steve, I've created a Book Nerd mailing list, which you can join by clicking at right. I'll be using this as I work toward creating my bookstore to let interested folks know about progress, events, etc. -- and eventually (Lord willing and the creek don't rise, Mom) it will become the bookstore mailing list. Check it out!

Enjoy the beautiful spring day, and consider giving a book to someone you love to celebrate. It's a great way to come together.