Monday, March 09, 2009

Link-Mad Monday: Cool Newness!

Bloggin' on my break at the bookstore, crammin' it all in...

Via Vroman's: The annual Tournament of Books at The Morning News has begun! Click over for an irresistible death match between this year's top works of fiction, judged by the literati with unabashed prejudice and total transparency. Way more fun than the Booker or NBA, if far more tongue-in-cheek.

Brownstoner has a post on the borough's newest comic shop: Bergen Street Comics in Park Slope. Ha, scooped -- I blogged about that on Friday! Had a delightful retailer-to-retailer chat with owner Tom -- and it's totally awesome to have a new comics purveyor in the nabe.

Via Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn: TheBrooklynInk chronicles Heights Books' move from Brooklyn Heights to Smith Street.

Speaking of comics -- our Graphic Novel Book Club discussion of Watchmen on Thursday night was AWESOME. I was so happy with the size and diversity of our group, and the conversation was totally exciting. I saw the movie over the weekend, too -- some thoughts up at the McNally Jackson Graphic Novel Book Club Facebook Group, and some on Twitter too. (Oh yeah, I'm Twittering: @mcnallyjackson for the store, @booknerdnyc for lil' ol' me.)

However good the movie was, though, it couldn't compete with this Saturday morning edition, via And Now The Screaming Starts:

It's so very weird and sad and funny to see the alternate reality version of the characters, where they're just pure and simple heroes. And now I can't get the theme song out of my head: "Strong together, united forever, they're the best of frieeeeends..."