Monday, January 22, 2007

Link-Mad Monday: Awards galore, Blog Roundup

I was too overbooked to attend the announcement party at Housing Works Used Book Cafe (which really has an awesome event lineup) on Saturday night, but the National Book Critics Circle has announced their award finalists; you can see the list here. If many of these look familiar, I think that's as it should be; the award is given to books that have received critical acclaim from NBCC members, so you've probably already read their glowing reviews.

Did anyone read this story in the NY Times a couple weeks ago? It's like American Idol (or maybe Project Greenlight) for writers: authors submit a manuscript, the online "audience" votes, and the winner gets a book contract with Simon & Schuster. I have mixed feelings -- is this mob rule by internet Philistines, shameless publisher pandering in a search for readers, or the new digital populism in response to outdated publishing traditions? -- but I'm curious to see how it goes.

I've accumulated an inbox-full of emails from other bloggers, writers and booksellers, many newbies, many of whom have great new projects going on. I don't feel comfortable linking to individual author's book sites -- it's like recommending a book I haven't read, and I fear I'll open the floodgates to authors who want me to promote them -- but everything else, including group blogs or writing communities, are fair game. I haven't read deeply into all of these sites, so I'm just providing you with the name of the proprietor(s) and their self-descriptions so you can find the ones that appeal to you. Here's the roundup -- enjoy!

Alive On Water Street
Prop. Christopher Tisdale
"Where good poetry lives well, and bad poetry dies a horrible death"

Bibliophile Bullpan
Prop. J. Godsey
"a whiff of old books with your coffee."

Independent Bookstore Photo Gallery

Prop. Bill Guffey
"Here you will find photographs of Independent Bookstores which have been submitted by their owners, with a short description of each. Make sure to note the location of each bookstore and visit them in person!"

Nancy Pearl's Book Lust Wiki
Props. Sara Walker (Wet Paint) and Nancy Pearl (author of Book Lust)
"A Community For People Who Love Books"
"Nancy Pearl's Book Lust recommended reading series-discover book club recommendations and online book reviews for hundreds of books."

Jumel Terrace Books
Prop. Kurt Thometz
"Local History, African and American, Harlem, New York

150 Thrillers
Props. International Thriller Writers
Win a signed library of some of the world's best thrillers"

Writer's Edge

Prop. Georganna Hancock
"A writer's journal about English words, books and writing"

Outside of a Dog
Props. Terry Murphy, Sandra Alonzo, Liz Goulet Dubois, Joe Kulka, Becky Hall, Barbara Johansen Newman, and Anne Bowen
"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. -- Groucho Marx"
"We are eight writers and illustrators who came together in 2000 as an on-line writing group. Over the years we have shared stories and news and frustrations about the wonderful and sometimes scary business we are in: writing and illustrating books for youth. ...Between us we have a few dozen projects out, or coming out soon."