Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Launch: Stimulating Reading!

As I've been hinting, I've been thinking a lot about the economic stimulus payments currently flowing into Americans' mailboxes. And thanks to the creativity of some politically-minded and tech-savvy friends, I've got a brand-new suggestion about what to do with some portion of that free money.

Introducing: Stimulating Reading!

Visit, and use your stimulus package to become an investor in an independent bookstore -- specifically, the one I'm creating in Brooklyn.

The website will explain the details -- basically, you can choose an amount to kick in and receive some Book Nerd swag and/or buying power at the future bookstore. And using your rebate in this way is a way not only to show your support for my little literary project, but to stimulate the economy through supporting small and independent businesses.

Honestly, I feel a bit presumptuous asking you to use your windfall to help create my bookstore. I don't want to twist your arm -- I'm just offering an option. And especially if you're someone who has mixed feelings about the wisdom of the stimulus rebate to strengthen the economy, this is one way to spend it more purposefully than just by, say, buying new clothes.

I'm working on a number of other ways to pull together the capital to get this bookstore going by late this year. But I'd be so thrilled if some of the start-up capital came from you -- those independent supporters (or "small online donors") who can make such a big difference. And you might even get a personalized signed book, or a one-of-a-kind mix tape out of it, not to mention some major discounts on books.

Check out, spread the word, and kick in if you can. I'd love to hear your thoughts, via comment or email.

And wherever you choose to spend your stimulus payment -- shop local and independent!