Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Punch-Drunk Wednesday

No time to say goodbye, hello -- just a couple quick links on another busy day.

* Heard about McSweeney's big sale? In a typically ingenious plan to earn back some of the money they lost in the chaos of the PGW distributor switchover (which in quick and dirty terms, hurt little publishers who were owned money for books they'd shipped to the distributor, as they're now being paid cents on the dollar for those same books by PGW's successor(s)), the clever folks at McSweeney's are auctioning off some one-of-a-kind items and selling lots of their stock at clearout prices. My favorite item (aside from the cut-price subscriptions to the Believer): the T-shirt that says "Impossible you say? Nothing is impossible when you work for the circus." True!

* New clever blog idea of the day: The Book Inscriptions Project. Like Found Magazine for the odd and poignant things people write in gift books. Check it out, scan yours and send it in.

* The story on WNYC this morning is that happy economic times are here again, and the book industry seems to carry that out. The Book Industry Study Group report at BEA reports overall book sales up. That doesn't mean everybody's buying 'em from indie bookstores, but still, all boats rise and all that. Take that, naysayers.

* Other cool blog idea of the day: the ALP has a new project which expresses his loving obsession with slang dictionaries. Greetings, Gate, Let's Dissipate is his occasional blog on "slang, jargon, and great words from a complete and utter non-specialist. Don't vip another vop, daddy-o, just dig hard."

* Bookseller Chick, in her new gig as Bookie Chick (she's working at an OTB place while prepping for publishing school -- hooray and congrats!), has time to link to lots of great new sites, like this one which has discovered the new up-and-coming subgenre of horror: kitty vampires. This one gave me a good and much-needed laugh yesterday -- thanks!

Off to run errands. Reading anything good lately?