Monday, July 16, 2007

Link-Mad(ish) Monday

Oh my friends, life is crazy -- sometimes I feel as though I'm paying some kind of karmic dues for the beautiful few weeks surrounding the wedding. You don't even want to know the details -- you've all had that kind of week. Anyway, here's just a few links to tide you over until things calm down.

- This article from the San Francisco Gate is a bit old (June 17), but since it's a pump-your-fist-in-the-air, triumph-over-naysayers piece about Diesel Books in San Francisco, I recommend reading it anyway. (Thanks to LitMinds' Book Industry Forum for the link.)

- This is old, but awesome news too: according to the NY Post via Brownstoner, Borders ain't coming to the Williamsburg Bank. (I'm fairly unsurprised, given what I've gathered about Borders' flagging fortunes.) What's almost as interesting is the comments below about what Brooklynites would like to see in that space... Anybody got a bazillion dollars to finance an indie bookstore in a landmark building? =)

- You know who is opening a branch, though? Miami independent bookstore Books & Books (run by the supercool Mitchell Kaplan) is opening a new store -- in Grand Cayman. They're working with developers of a new urban center and hoping to bring author tours through as well. As Mitchell wryly notes, "I can’t imagine it will be too difficult to persuade visiting authors to schedule a stop" in the Caribbean.

- Thanks for your feedback on my "ideal bookstore" post. I've responded to your thoughts in the comments. I'm a little more leery of putting my ideas out there, as it can be tough to take criticism of one's dreams. But much of what you've said is what I'm already thinking, and it forced me to clarify some things and think hard about others. Thanks -- you'll be hearing more out of me soon!