Thursday, January 25, 2007

Check it out: E-Commerce!

You approved it -- you got it! At long last, the fine folks at Brainiads (thanks, Max!) have hooked me up with my very own blog advertising. Right under my profile you'll see a rotating lineup of reader-friendly advertisements for stuff you, the readers, might actually be interested in. Click through and your Book Nerd might make a penny or two. Let me know what you think!


CRwM said...

You're now officially a pro-blogger. This means tighter quality controls and more regular postings, right?

Book Nerd said...

Hey! I'm not sure I like what you're implying... maybe you would be wicked after all.

Mike Eberhart said...

Excellent! Hope it makes you some cash. Though, I'm looking at the brainiads in Firefox and I surely don't see any ad-rotation. I see a box that says brainiads smart marketing, and that's about it. Maybe it's still in the works. Good luck.