Monday, January 29, 2007

Pre-Winter Institute check-in; Special Report Offer!

Suddenly, the long-awaited ABA Winter Institute is upon us. I feel like I've been so busy with work and other projects that I haven't had time to really get into thinking about the WI, but now I'm leaving in two days and I'm TOTALLY excited. There's going to be so much packed into this week -- in addition to the incredible ABA educational sessions and programming, there will be meetings with Emerging Leaders, DEFINITELY a visit to the famous Powell's, and lots of authors, booksellers, and others enjoying each others' company while learning what's going to take them into the future. And maybe some BEA style parties as well?...

I'll probably see many of you there -- be sure to say hi if you see a girl with her nerdy enthusiasm showing and "McNally Robinson Booksellers" on her badge. But if you're not going and you're curious, here's my offer to you:

What would you like to have your Book Nerd report back from Winter Institute?

I've got my own agenda of sessions I'd like to attend, but if you're particularly curious about an educational topic, an author, a vibe, a party, or anything else, I'll do my best to check it out and write about it, either here or via email. Get your requests in via comments or email before Wednesday at 10 a.m. (that's when I have to leave for the airport), and your embedded Book Nerd will bring you the scoop.

Until next week -- signing off!


Sarah Faragher said...

I reeeeallly want to hear about your trip to Powell's. I hope you're planning on buying some books...


Anonymous said...

Hi. I heard about your blog at Winter Institute and I'm loving it. Kindred spirit and all. I would love to have our store listed on your blog. How do you choose the stores you list? Well, I'm off to welcome Moms and strollers this morning,
Susan at Inklings Bookshop, Yakima, WA