Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Book Hangover

Dear readers, not only was yesterday the day-long winter meeting of the NAIBA board (where we were joined by ABA staffers and had a great discussion of upcoming projects), it was also the night of bookstore inventory, which lasted until the wee hours (I left around 2:30 AM, and there were folks still blearily uploading stuff to the computer).

As I may have mentioned, I am a girl who needs her sleep. And right now I'm feeling like I have a book-scanning hangover (I'm sure I'll be hearing the beep of the scanner in my dreams). And as my extremely practical and outspoken colleague Pat Kutz of Lift Bridge Books says, "I do need ONE day in my life that isn't all about books. Don't you?"

Yes, I do. So I'll see you after Comic Con. I'm going back to bed.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, we'll just have to take you out on the road for a while...toughen you up a bit. -just kidding- jT

Odile S said...

If you want a day off from books, don't puzzle either, that tires the same part of your brain.

Anonymous said...

WN--how can you take a day off in the midst of the Great Scrotum Scandal? It's too juicy. By the way, we interviewed Susan Patron, the librarian/author at the heart of the SCC, on February 7th on The Book Report. This was before the publisher got re-stocked, so before anyone had really read The Higher Power of Lucky. In other words, before the school librarian world lost its mind. We did actually talk about censorship, and one of the things she said was that at the Los Angeles Public Library, they've never removed a children's book because of a challenge. You can listen to the interview at There's an interview with Michael Hoeye first, so the Patron interview starts about 25 minutes in.

Betty Jo said...

I am new on the nerd...glad to find you guys. Thanks Len.