Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bookstore Blogs On the Rise

New year, time to update the ol' Blogger template, eh?

In his December 26 post, fellow bookseller/blogger P.J. Grath muses "Is there a bookseller alive who can resist books recounting the experiences of other booksellers?" It seems the same is true of blogs. I've realized that my Google reader is increasingly populated with blogs by booksellers, and that they tend to be some of my preferred reading. In spite of many great blogs focused on a specifc genre, on developments in the book world, on the reading of a particular person or group of people, I find that more and more I want to read about fellow booksellers in the trenches. Those blogs tend to include reviews and news, but also stuff about the daily retail life. I'm feeling irresistibly warm and fuzzy thinking about this little community of us.

So I've added a whole new category to my links on the right: Bookseller Blogs. These are just the few that I tend to read on a regular basis. Kash's Book Corner out of Boulder is rightfully famous (his December 8 post particularly cracked me up, and made me realize we weren't alone in our pre-holiday paranoia). Grath's Books in Northport is rapidly becoming one of my very favorites, especially the pictures of her cozy shop, Dog Ears Books, in all that Michigan snow. Bookdwarf is an old fave, of course, and I love it when Megan writes about doings at Harvard Bookstore. Constellation Books in Baltimore I'm proud to have inspired to start blogging (and Lauretta and the rest of the staff are doing an awesome job!), and Lori of Brookline Blogsmith became a bookseller friend at the last NEIBA. Atomic Books are my pop-culture idols, of course.

And there are tons more out there. I found the Inkwell Bookstore Blog just by searching for other Blogger profiles that listed "bookseller" as their occupation. There are 519. I tore myself away from reading the whole list (I do have work this morning), but I can't wait to explore them.

And I'd just be willing to bet that you Written Nerd readers have your own favorite bookseller blogs. Care to share, so I can add them to my blogroll too?


P. J. Grath said...

I'm tickled pink that you like my blog, too. I've been a fan of yours for some time now. My name is a a bit confusing, I realize: you had it with "Mc" the first time, which it does not have; also, 'he' (me) is a she! Yes, I'm a bookwoman! I do want to encourage you to follow your dream, though. It's not an easy life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thanks again for visiting Books in Northport.

Book Nerd said...

Ha! Sorry for the confusion, P.J. -- I've corrected your name now. (I think I was confusing you with the author Patrick McGrath... hence my assumption of maleness.) Thanks for reading, and glad you like it -- what a mutual admiration society!

Michelle Constantinescu said...

I've been hooked on the bookseller blogs too and I don't even own a store! Such a dream of mine to be surrounded by books all day. So I just buy from you guys and stack them all around me - the next best thing!