Monday, February 04, 2008

What I'd Like To Do, When I Have Time

- Read the complete results of the latest ABACUS Survey from the ABA -- those stats from indie bookstores nationwide were a big factor in my business plan

- Read bookseller Tova Beiser's account of WI3

- Catch up with my Brooklyn blog reading! I just met Myka of MotherSister Brooklyn this weekend (look for a chronicle of meeting with the amazingly wonderful Fort Greene Association soon), and I think I have a lot of back posts to read. There's always Louise Crawfords indispensible Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, which will also lead you to almost every other Brooklyn blog worth reading (and she also had a supernice congrats on my PowerUp win). And I've recently discovered Brooklynometry, and specifically the write-up of a new Brooklyn bookstore practically in my backyard that I didn't know existed: Babbo's Books on Prospect Park West. Exciting news!

- Post book reviews! Here's what I read in January but haven't yet found time to write about (and they're all GREAT, in different ways):
THE BOOK OF OTHER PEOPLE, edited by Zadie Smith
A GOLDEN AGE by Tahmima Anam
THE ESCAPISTS by Brian K. Vaughan
LAIKA by Nick Abadzis
and currently reading MUDBOUND by Hillary Jordan, which has now officially made me miss a subway stop -- the sign of an irresistibly great read.

- tell you lots of details about the TitleWave event I've beeen working on putting together that BookStream is hosting on February 27, with Richard Price, Steve Toltz, Hillary Jordan, and sales rep extraordinaire Ken Abramson. If you haven't heard the details in Publishers Weekly, Shelf Awareness, Bookselling This Week, the NAIBA and NEIBA newsletters, or the blogs, then email me or Carolyn Bennett and we'll tell you all about it. Remember, it's free, but you DO have to RSVP!

- find out if I can vote in the primary on Tuesday even though I'm registered as an independent... when my sweet mom, who's a Republican from California, and New York City bookish type like me can agree on a candidate, it's clearly a good time to vote.

What's hanging over your head, dear readers? There are always too many books to read -- but that means we'll never run out!


Unknown said...

besides the never ending work of marketing my book i also feel this creative rock sitting on my head, weighing me down, i need to write more for my second novel. i need to read the local magazines in richmond more and i definitely need to subscribe to foreign policy magazine, finish sewing my daughter in laws birthday present, and register to vote in richmond since i havent since our move here
by the way, congrats on your awesome big win!!!!!!!!!!!!

P. J. Grath said...

So pleased that you read KAVALIER AND CLAY, the book I laughed and cried through the year it came out. LAIKA? I've been hesitating on that one, recalling that poor little dog in space so long ago. I need to re-read BLINK (am using for a class), want to read PEOPLE OF THE BOOK (as well as her first book, YEAR OF WONDERS), the second half of BEATRIX POTTER: A LIFE IN NATURE, and--do I want to get back into THE SHOCK DOCTRINE? That's the question. Such a good book, so hard on my attitude.

Chris Steib said...

i didn't know it was possible to read a chabon novel in a month, nevertheless in addition to other books (and write a blog, and execute a business plan, and plan events, and so on). niiiiiiice!

Anonymous said...

When I read Lakia, I cried at my desk. And you are not allowed to vote in New York unless you are a registered Democrat or Republican. I don't think you can choose the day of, you have to chose when you register.

My mother has picked her candidate based on the fact that they read the same books.

Deanna McFadden said...

Oh, I loved Mudbound too, and while it didn't make me miss a subway stop, it sure made me miss the morning I spent refusing to get out of bed until I finished. Utterly engrossing, that's for sure.