Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Books on the Nightstand, Book Nerd on Epiphanies

I'm deeply immersed in a fact-finding mission this morning -- gathering contact names and emails for every bookstore in the five boroughs, in hopes of getting a critical mass of us together to talk about forming some sort of alliance/association/co-op/cabal/something. I'm working with the awesome Kelly Amabile at Book Culture and our respective bosses -- more details to come. (And if you're an NYC bookseller and you want in, you could email me to make it easier...) So for the sake of quickness, let me just put up two links that should give you plenty of reading today.

Random House sales reps extraordinaire Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman have created a blog called Books On The Nightstand -- but it's not a Random House blog. Instead, Michael and Ann have created a space to talk about all the books they love, from any publisher, both in written and podcasted form. The powers-that-be at RH have okay'ed the project, but this is all Michael and Ann, as true a pair of book nerds as you could find. I'm downloading the podcasts to listen to on the subway -- I'm so excited about this cool project!

And for a glimpse into another life in the book biz, Part 2 of my ongoing saga (it's being called the "dreaming of a bookstore series") is up on the Bookshop Blog. Read on for the story of how the ALP is really responsible for all of this.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog love, it was a weird, weird day. This is such a great business full of great people that sometimes one forgets that there's a whole world of other kinds of people who would rather spread the hate.

Speaking of blog love, I have to give an additional shout-out to Books on the Nightstand. I love it!

kookaburra said...

I'm reading your "dream of opening a bookstore" saga & loving it. Full of warmth it is.