Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Nips, or, The Difference Between Him and Me

The ALP and I rarely read the same books. This is both practical (because we talk about everything we read, it's like reading twice as much) and a matter of taste (mine tend toward mainstream-ish literary fiction, his toward the weirder ends of the spectrum, from tales of con men to experimental novels to mass-market horror. Go fig.) But there is occasionally some overlap, often with books that fit into more than one category. One recent example was Toby Barlow's werewolf-novel-in-free-verse, Sharp Teeth. (Check out the very cool animations on the book's website -- props to HarperCollins for a job well done).

We were both intrigued. My enthusiasm for the book led to a paragraph-long staff pick.

The ALP was inspired to write an exploration of experimentation in genre fiction using metaphors from evolutionary theory. I kid you not. And it's good reading.

My boy's wicked smart.

What's your relationship to books and your loved ones? All the same books, all different, or the same books with different takes?

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Anonymous said...

Funny you should write about this! We recently made lists of our very favorites and found that we've barely read any of each other's, so I'm working on reading some of his, starting with some Shakespeare. :)