Monday, June 23, 2008

Link-Mad Monday: New York Bookstores

My buddy David Del Vecchio is rocking it at his brand new bookstore in Chelsea: Idlewild Books! Not only did the store get a shout out in Boing Boing (the pinnacle of blog fame), it's hosting some fantastic events, and recently got a Book Buddies analysis from NAIBA, which proved what I suspected: David's already doing a lot of things right. I haven't gotten a chance to visit the store since it was in the buildout phase -- can't wait to stop in. Go by, say hi to David, and shop!

Also, I heard a rumor that DARE Books in Fort Greene is closing. Their online site doesn't say anything -- anyone know the deal here?

And at McNally Robinson tonight, I get the rare treat of hosting an author whose book I read and loved: Toby Barlow with Sharp Teeth. As I've mentioned, it's one of the few books the ALP and I both enjoyed (too bad he has to miss the reading tonight, but a Deacon's work is never done). The reading is at 7 -- join me if you can for all bloody sexy fiction-in-verse your heart desires.

See you in the bookstores!

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