Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Listening: BEA Graphic Novels Podcast

If you have zero to do today, or you're one of those people who can listen to talk radio and work at the same time, here's a little something:

BookExpoCast: "What’s Hot, What’s Good, What’s Next in Graphic Novels"

This is a panel I sat on at BEA with others far more expert than I: Nick Smith, a librarian with the Pasadena Public Library, Atom Freeman, the extremely knowledgeable owner of Brave New World Comics in L.A. County, and Tom Flinn with comics/pop culture trade rag ICv2. Milton Griepp of ICv2 was the moderator.

Aside from hearing the slightly annoying (lispy/boyish) sound of my voice, you might learn a thing or two about what's been doing well in various comics markets, and what to look forward to. This was where I learned about the Starman Omnibus, which I read with pleasure this summer, and it cemented my desire to read Scott Pilgrim, which has become a teensy obsession.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I told you that you'd love Starman.

Thanks for the kind words.


Becky said...

I am defiantly going to read "Starman."

A great book that I just finished reading is called "Pinch Hitter," by Dean Whitney. It is a great family oriented book about a middle-aged man who finally fulfills his childhood dream of being able to play baseball in his home town. It talks about his family struggles as becomes visible to the public. I really didn't think that I would like it since I am not a baseball fan. A friend of mine recommended I read it it- I did, and absolutely loved it. It is a very inspirational story that I think most people would enjoy. I can't wait to see it hit the big screen