Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shifting focus

The lack of posting around here should not be construed as a lack of activity. This has turned out to be a week with high demands from other aspects of my bookish life: Emerging Leaders, McNally Jackson (we -- by which I mean me -- are on Facebook AND Twitter now), a new blogging project (info TK), and mostly, working on Greenlight Bookstore. I've tidied up that other blog of mine (and Rebecca's) to reflect the evolving reality of our project, and in hopes that we'll be seeing some more traffic soon. We've also got a real estate lead that involves so many unknowns I can't even explain it right now, but it's potentially really exciting. So I've been kinda distracted.

I do, however, have a pile of recently read graphic novels I want to write about, and not one but TWO thrilling not-yet-published books in my bag: the new Kate Christensen, Trouble (out in June) and the new Jonathan Lethem, Chronic City (out so long from now I don't even know the date -- the book is still in manuscript form). So as soon as I'm done frantically tearing through those two I'll be posting frenzied fangirl reports. I'm also meeting one of my contemporary author heroes Jim Lynch, author of The Highest Tide and Border Songs, tomorrow afternoon, so I hope to report on that as well.

So with renewed promises I beg your forgiveness, and hope you can be satisfied with more to come. Happy reading!


Becky said...

I will look forward to your posting those books. I love thriller books and actually just finished listening to a fresh, modern thriller story on A. J. Scudiere's free audio movie tracks located on her website for her newest book "Resonance." I don't know if you have heard of audio movies? If not you have to check her site out. I hadn't seen them until tonight, but was pleasantly surprised to find that they are a big step up from Audiobooks. The AudioMovie brings back the days of the Radio Drama .

Here is her website for anyone interested in checking out a great story and a great new technology:

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