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Chronicle: Nerd Star

Okay, let's just get it out there: this week's edition of Publishers Weekly features an article titled Booksellers: The Next Generation that prominently features your Book Nerd. It started out as a simple profile by my friend and mentor Robert Gray (of Fresh Eyes), part of a series he had planned, but eventually became a commentary on the larger issue of young booksellers. Aside from the usual cringing at a dorky quote or two, I'm totally thrilled to be representin' for my generation - hopefully it will lead to a wider discussion of how to motivate more passionate young book people to take up a life of retail. I've been reviewing books for PW for years, and only twice before has my name ever appeared in the magazine. I have to say this is a little gratifying. Ben from FSG deserves credit for this entry's title; I may be famous in only a tiny little world, but it feels like the cover of Rolling Stone to me. Also, look for my guest blog this week on MJ Rose