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Comment: Interview, Questions, Interview Questions

It's not my usual posting day, but I have a smitch of time and some odds and ends for y'all. Simon Owen of the media commentary and interview blog Bloggasm has an interview with yours truly . He does his research on everyone he contacts, which makes for some interesting questions (also check out the interview with C. Max Magee of The Millions ). I got a chance to send shout-outs to my favorite book industry lit-bloggers at the end; thanks for being around, guys! - - - Two blogs have posed open-ended questions to readership lately, and I thought I'd extend the questions to you. Feel free to respond in comments here, or on the source blogs. Matthew Tiffany of Condalmo asks , what's with the hostility toward the short story? I never got around to answering the question myself, but several others did, and Matt has compiled their comments in this post . Feel free to continue the conversation with your own thoughts on short fiction and its discontents. Dan Wicket of the Emer