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Link-Mad Monday: New Year, New Bookstores!

You may have already seen this, but the ABA has officially announced that 115 new independent bookstores opened in 2007 ! Apparently, it's the third year in a row that we've seen over 100 new store openings. You can look here for the full list of new stores -- -- there may be a new indie store near you. I found 4 of them just in the five boroughs of New York -- woo hoo! I'll have to update my own ongoing list of local indies, which is currently pushing 70 -- I love to pull it out whenever anyone laments the fact that there are "no more independent bookstores" in New York, and we often use it at my bookstore to refer customers looking for something specific. Now they've got even more options. And more folks are discovering that's the case. In the Huffington Post last week, Michelle Haimoff writes about seven great New York indie bookstores , which she calls "The Secret New York Alternative to Barnes & Noble." McNally Robinson gets a