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Zombie monster bacteria.

So I'm sick. And it makes me slow. Like zombie-slow. So slow it took me like ten minutes to find the name of a story in Kelly Link's new book Pretty Monsters (it's "The Surfer") in which a worldwide flu pandemic leaves a slightly jerky kid in a quarantined warehouse in Costa Rica. It's really good science fiction, the kind where the science part is secondary to the fiction, and the characters are more interesting than the world-building exercises (though those are interesting too). And I also have stuck in my head -- and had all of a very long night long -- a line from an Ani DiFranco song (I think it's "Garden of Simple", though I could most certainly be wrong) that goes "the bacteria are coming to take us down, that's my prediction / it's the answer to this culture of the quick fix prescription..." So apart from the mildly interesting sense that I'm at the juncture of a zombie film and a sci fi future and a dystopia