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Chronicle: Bookstores: The Voices and Visions of Angela Roach; A Day In The Life of Good Yarns

[Note: I'm having trouble uploading photos to Blogger again, so I'll add the photos to this post later if I can.] As I'm working on the business plan for my eventual Brooklyn bookstore, and as I'm getting to know my fellow booksellers through the New Atlantic Independent Bookstore Association and the Emerging Leaders project, I've gotten the opportunity to spend time in some great independent bookstores. All of you readers and book people probably spend a fair amount of time in bookstores, as I do, but it's surprising what I've begun to notice as I'm looking at these stores from a business person's perspective. What follows are accounts of my recent visits to two area bookstores that have taught me a great deal about good bookselling and good business sense – not to mention being home to delightful booksellers. Voices & Visions The Bourse, Philadelphia, PA Proprietor: Angela Roach I met Angela at an "Emerging Leaders" meeting sponsored