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Chronicle: The Unofficial Winter Institute Report

So this Thursday in Bookselling This Week you should be able to read my official report from the Winter Institute, though written in the same rambling, overlong style you've come to expect from this particular loggorheiac blogger. But only here on The Written Nerd can you read about what you really want to know about: The partying. Somehow I found myself drinking later and more often at this event than even at BEA with its host of publisher parties. One theory is that when one isn't exhausted by a day on the show floor there's more energy for going out. But the day sessions were plenty rigorous and intense (and in case any of my coworkers are reading, I DID learn enough useful stuff to justify you covering my shifts last week). My theory is that Portlanders are secretly way hipper than anyone in the world, and have a higher alcohol tolerance, which they inflict on folks like us hapless Easterners. Or maybe there were just a lot of awesome people there that I don't s