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Chronicle: Book Nerd Among Comics Geeks

Time at last to talk about the big pop culture event of the weekend... New York Comic Con ! (What, did you think I meant that awards show ?) Your Book Nerd was there, both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by it all, but having a good time nonetheless. My bookstore had been asked by HarperCollins Publishers to do retail sales at their booth for the Con, so I spent all day Friday and part of Saturday in bookseller mode. I was at first a bit put out to be working when I'd rather be exploring, but it was worth it when I waltzed past the four-block-long line of fans on Saturday morning, flashing my "Exhibitor" badge (the ALP had to wait in line outside for another hour, and it wasn't warm this weekend...) Being on the other side of the booth was interesting -- I can see why my publishing buddies don't look forward to BEA with as much alacrity as my bookselling buddies, since being in the same place answering many of the same questions for 10 hours or more can be a bit