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Friday Nips, or, The Difference Between Him and Me

The ALP and I rarely read the same books. This is both practical (because we talk about everything we read, it's like reading twice as much) and a matter of taste (mine tend toward mainstream-ish literary fiction, his toward the weirder ends of the spectrum, from tales of con men to experimental novels to mass-market horror. Go fig.) But there is occasionally some overlap, often with books that fit into more than one category. One recent example was Toby Barlow's werewolf-novel-in-free-verse, Sharp Teeth . (Check out the very cool animations on the book's website -- props to HarperCollins for a job well done). We were both intrigued. My enthusiasm for the book led to a paragraph-long staff pick . The ALP was inspired to write an exploration of experimentation in genre fiction using metaphors from evolutionary theory . I kid you not. And it's good reading. My boy's wicked smart. What's your relationship to books and your loved ones? All the same books,