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Link-Mad Wednesday, Guest edition

Today's links are mostly courtesy of the ALP , who has been more on top of breaking news than I have lately. More interesting stuff later this week... First, an interview with one of my favorite authors, Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket); I couldn't sell the fabulous The Basic 8 to save my life, so I'm glad he's a bestseller now... One blogger dares to put a number on what constitutes good sales for first-time literary fiction. Agree? Disagree? (I admit my guess about the number was way off...) The Guardian collects their top ten books about whaling -- because they can. Bookninja points us to perhaps the coolest private library in the entire world . And some topical links (because as the publicists keep telling me, it's hard to get people to think about books in an election season): What better guide in choosing your elected representatives than classic works of science fiction ? The New Yorker speculates on the Republican relationship to words , or "v