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  One of the best things about being a bookseller, wherever you are, is the possibility of developing relationships with authors that have the potential to go beyond fandom. Because of the serendipity of where I live, I happen to be neighbors to some of the contemporary greats.  It's not without its pitfalls though.  I remember having a nice chat with a nice lady named Jennifer in the bookstore sometime in Year 1, finding out she had written a book, and picking it up -- and gradually becoming aghast that I had been treating this person as a normal human neighbor, when in fact they were a terrifying genius. The book was A Visit From The Goon Squad , which went on to win the Pulitzer Prize.  Luckily Jenny Egan seemingly forgave me for treating her like a regular neighbor (and for all my other faux pas, including vastly under-ordering for the Goon Squad launch party, which we've hopefully made up for by selling hundreds of copies every year since then and shipping signed copies t


  Last week, we hosted the first event in the bookstore in almost exactly two years. I had to look up our most recent event for reference and it was eerie to read the summary notes from March 2020 -- the regular routines punctuated with nervous laughter -- before bookstore author events and so many other things disappeared instantly and thoroughly for a long, long time. This event was not like that one, or the ten years of events we hosted before that. We've learned some things, and some things have changed. Attendance in the store was limited, with mandatory RSVPs -- not "free and open to the public" as it was in the past. Masks and proof of vaccination were required and checked at the door. And we had a camera hooked up to Zoom to livestream the event to the virtual audience we've built up over the last years.  I'm also not the Events & Marketing Director any more -- there's a team of talented folks handling all of that for the bookstore, so I can (in th