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Comment: The Costs of the Bookish Life

Today, among other things, I am working on writing a story about a visit to the doctor in the voice of a 12-year-old boy. (As if I have any idea what that's like.) I'm entering names and emails into a database. And I'm emailing frantically, making dates and setting up meetings with people I barely know and with people I need to ask about those people. It makes for some strangely schizophrenic moments, trying to keep all these projects straight. But really, they're all part of the one big project of making a living doing what I love. I do freelance writing so I can pay the bills (and save for a wedding) while making a bookseller's salary. I'm compiling RSVPs for the Emerging Leaders Night Out because I think building our literary community is important, because I want to raise the profile of booksellers in the New York literary landscape, and because I know I'm going to rely on these folks throughout my bookselling career. (And because it makes our jobs fun.)