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Link-Mad Columbus Day Monday: Hauntings

Just a couple of light links today -- it's a beautiful fall holiday morning, and I can't confine myself to the computer screen for long. * The ever-restless mind of the ALP has launched a new project: And Now The Screaming Starts , a blog devoted to the horror genre so dear to my man's heart. (CRwM is another acronym adopted by the ALP - long story.) His book and movie reviews are actually pretty darned insightful, and mixed in with appreciations of the new Halloween marshmallow Peeps. How can you resist? * Speaking of Halloween-ishness, a sharp-eyed friend (thanks, Lauren!) sent along this article about a couple of fantasy & horror niche bookstores that are making good. I'm not sure they took the ABA's quotes entirely in context -- studies indicate that indie bookstore shares are actually increasing in market share, though times are still tough -- but it's a cool piece about another kind of community of booklovers. * And another kind of haunting: I just thi