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Chronicle: Goodbye to All That

Today is my last day at the bookstore, so I'm exercising the unprecedented gall to actually write a post during store hours. It's kind of like the last day of school -- nothing seems too important or difficult, because it's almost all over. Several of my coworkers have expressed regret at seeing me go, which I appreciate a great deal, especially from those whom I know have a hard time with that kind of expression. As one of my last acts here, I've managed to convince everyone to allow me to pull the graphic novels out of literature to create a Graphic Lit section. It looks pretty good for something cobbled together in the last few days, I have to say. I have every hope and expectation that this will lead to increased sales and cred for the store, and that the section can be expanded as it succeeds; I just hope someone with a feel for the genre will end up taking charge of it. Cake and beer is scheduled for later this afternoon. After work, several of us have planned to