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Guest Post: Sarah Sweeney and Best of the Web 2008

I'm still on August hiatus, but my friend Dan Wickett, creator of Emerging Writers Network and publisher of Dzanc Books , called in a favor for today's Best of the Web Day. I'm proud to join many other litblogs in featuring con tent related to Dzanc's awesome anthology Best of the Web 2008 , which you should run out and buy from your local indie bookstore as soon as possible. Thanks to Dan for creating this, and to Sarah Sweeney for contributing this piece. Sarah Sweeney's essay, "Tell Me If You're Lying", originally appeared in Fringe and was re-printed in Dzanc Books' Best of the Web 2008. The following is her thoughts on how living in the North affects her writing. DRIVING DIXIE DOWN: A Writer’s Life Beyond the South Growing up in North Carolina, I spent many hours and years dreaming about what lay beyond my humble state, the state I was born in, and the state that reared me in so many ways. From the time I could read and write I wanted to b