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Bookstores in the Black; Bookshop Blog

It's not even blogging day (but I was gone Monday at the NAIBA meeting), so here are a few quick make-up links. According to Shelf Awareness, "Bookstore sales last December were $2.113 billion, up 2.7% from $2.057 billion in December 2006, according to preliminary estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. The year ended on a good note, with sales at $16.768 billion, up 1.1% from $16.589 billion in 2006. During the first half of the year, sales were below the previous year's levels, but stronger results in the second half of 2007 helped pull bookstore sales into the black for the full year." Hooray! And yours truly is beginning a series over at the Bookshop Blog , telling the story of this crazy dream of opening an indie bookstore. There's lots more going on at BB, so if you get bored with the story of my life there's plenty of links, advice, and personality to keep you there. I'm off to a morning meeting, then I gotta do some grocery shopping for V-Day dinn