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Arrow Pointing Nowhere by Elizabeth Daly (Felony and Mayhem Part 2)

Arrow Pointing Nowhere by Elizabeth Daly (Felony & Mayhem, May 2009) Shop Indie Bookstores As I mentioned in the previous post, a large part of the charm of the "Vintage" mysteries published by Felony & Mayhem is the immersion in the past. For a sense of the Agatha-Christie-only-more-so appeal, I can't say it better than F&M's modern back cover copy from Arrow Pointing Nowhere , part of the Henry Gamadge series: "Take one grand house, stuff it with staff, and make it home to several generations. If they send their sons to Oxford and occasionally knock each other off, you've got a country-house murder mystery, that classic of English crime fiction. But if the boys are at Yale, odds are that you're reading a New York mansion mystery -- a genre largely invented and perfected by Elizabeth Daly." Yep, only the boys go to college, and all kinds of extended family share the mansion with the servants -- it's a whole different world. But