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Link-Mad Monday: Post-WI edition

Okay, folks, you'll have to wait until Wednesday for the big, long, rundown of the ABA Winter Institute in Portland (note: I vote that we start referring to the event as "we," like the new video game platform Wii, and because it's all about us - er, we. That started out clever and got silly.) Today it's all about catching up on the stuff that's happened in the meantime. I may still be suffering from some remnants of jetlag, so forgive the irreverant (or incoherent) tone. * In the "uber-indieness of the one counterbalances the corporateness of the other, all for the benefit of literature" category: the Litblog Co-Op's Fall Read This! pick , Sam Savage's FIRMIN, has made the finals of the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Awards! We like to think that we, the rat-obsessed bloggers, had a teensy bit to do with this. Either way, go Firmin! * Also in LBC news, there's a pretty sweet roundtable discussion going on there now a