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Tip: Like a CSA for Poetry

I love National Poetry Month -- all that wealth of words flowing around and everyone remembering to love it. You all probably know about this, but for the month of April, Knopf Publishing will email you a poem a day. You can subscribe by emailing sub_knopfpoetry at info dot randomhouse dot com (see the clever spam avoidance?) To whet your appetite, here's yesterday's poem from Marge Piercy. The streets of Detroit were lined with elms I remember elm trees that were the thing of beauty on grimy smoke-bleared streets stinking of death and garbage, but over the cramped rotting houses, the elms arched. They were cities of leaves. I would lie under them and my eyes would rise buoyed up and surfeited in immense rustling viridescence. They enclosed me like a cathedral. I entered them as into the heart of a sanctuary in a mountain pure and vast and safe. I wanted to live in their boughs. They gave no fruit, no nuts and their fall color was weak, but their embrace was strong. I would