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TitleWave on the horizon...

The momentum is building for TitleWave, the awesome (free!) event for booksellers I've been helping to put together at BookStream! Bookselling This Week has a nice writeup of the event... Today's Shelf Awareness mentions TitleWave (though I can't seem to link to today's issue in the archive yet)... And Megan at Bookdwarf gives it a mention as well... For myself, I spent the last week missing subway stops reading Mudbound by Hillary Jordan, one of the authors who will be speaking at TitleWave. I was trying to explain to myself its addictive appeal -- it's not unusual structurally or formally, and the setup is almost Greek or Shakespearean in its simplicity: struggling farm, stoic husband, unhappy wife, charming brother, plus nasty racist father, plus bright black WWII vet, plus resourceful midwife and preacher husband, and a big storm on the way. But I couldn't put it down, nor predict just what would happen. Jordan writes effectively in every voice (except