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Friday Ambitions and Relaxations

It's been brought to my attention recently that I've been remiss in updating the ol' blogroll with some of the blogs I actually regularly read, and some of the bookstore blogs that I'm just discovering. So I have gotten at last off my tush and added some of my favorites-- read 'em (at right) and weep. Book Soup has the best (obscene but true) tagline. Word has the best Brooklyn stuff, natch. Bookavore is a fellow Emerging Leaders type, a true book nerd -- her description of how she became a bookseller made me want to be her new best friend. Wordsmiths has the best ongoing narrative (home town store makes good, moves into the bank building, graphic novels go in the vault!) -- and awesome event photos; they're my newest model for how I want to run my bookstore blog. there is no gap is the thoughtful stuff you'd expect from Shaman Drum's Karl Pohrt. Archimedes Forgets is the off-hours (but still awfully booky) project of the ABA's lovely Sarah R