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So much going on there's just not enough time for everything! I'm working some extra hours at the bookstore this week because some of our staff will be gone at the ABA Winter Institute . It looks like a fantastic program this year -- I'll be thinking of all of you who are there! (And if you're going and feel like writing up your experiences, I'd love to have some guest bloggers about WI3 on Written Nerd -- send me an email if you're interested.) Wednesday evening is the awards ceremony for the Brooklyn Public Library's PowerUp! business plan competition -- the ALP and I will be there to hear the winners announced. I'm looking forward to seeing what great businesses are being planned in Brooklyn, and getting some feedback on my bookstore plan... so send some good vibes my way if you think about it. I've got some new writing assignments lately -- I'll let you know when there's something to read, but I don't want to jinx myself by promi