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Link-Mad Monday: Odds & Ends

A bit of stuff I've been reading and thinking about. *** Robert Gray, one the booksellers I most respect, wrote in Shelf Awareness the other day about visions for bookstore websites . It's another insightful take on the whole issue of selling online as a bricks and mortar indie store, and what makes that work or not. Looks like Robert's got a new gig these days: working part time at The Book House in Albany , as well as continuing in the good offices of Fresh Eyes Now . It's good to count him among our ranks. *** Bookseller Chick deserves some love. From her recent post on the difficulties of hiring good booksellers for chain stores: "And let’s face it, a certain amount of prestige comes from working at an Indie. You work at an Indie and it says that you’re book people. You love books. You’re sacrificing for your medium. You work at a chain store doing the best job you can and chances are that once a week you’ll be asked a.) why aren’t working at the Indie in town,