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For once I've got an afternoon flight for my trip to Portland... which means time for breakfast, lazy packing, and a quick post. The book blogging world is about to lose one of its best voices. Bookseller Chick is losing her job , as her West Coast store closes. Her posts pounded into my head the fact that chain store employees are booksellers too, and chain stores aren't immune to the tragedy of closing doors. In my opinion, few booksellers in any kind of store have the depth of insight, egalitarian spirit (i.e. romances get pride of place next to "literary" stuff), connection with both readers and authors, open-minded inquiry into why the book industry is the way it is, and skill at wryly expressing the bookstore life that this anonymous chick does. Check out her poignant postings on the closing process, and click through the archives for a wealth of conversations about books and bookstores. Hopefully, BS Chick will continue to blog about her future book world e