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Chronicle: Book Nerd Weekend, Part 1

Ah… a whole morning with nothing to do but blog (though I do still have some unpacking to do, and I promised the ALP to make up for the piles of books I've been bringing home lately by going through the bookshelves and pulling some for giveaway… always a mildly painful task). A lot has happened in the last four days or so, so I'm giving ya a day-by-day, play-by-play rundown. Go get some popcorn during the commercial breaks, feel free to skip over the boring parts, and sit back for a Book Nerd weekend. Thursday night: Emerging Leaders Night Out, Brooklyn Book Festival Style We had over 115 RSVP's for Thursday night's ELNO, so Steve Colca, my (former bookseller/current W. W. Norton publicity maven) co-conspirator, and I were pretty psyched. We'd done a lot of prep sending invites and contacting publishers and other organizations to help make the event great. And man, those publishers and reps really came through! Huge thank-you's to Karen Rice from Random House, S