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Friday time wasting

Today is a busy day as usual, with the added delight that the internet is acting screwy in our house. The ALP and I are taking turns cursing at wireless and trying to find work to do that doesn't involve the network (not much). So while it's pointless to try to write a long blog today, I would like to share: some very good (at least for me) news: I'm going to BEA ! As most of you know, it's being held May 28 to June 1 in Los Angeles this year -- close to where I grew up but far from where I work -- and I'm grateful to my bookstore for deciding it's worthwhile to send me. You may see me on a panel or two -- I'll keep you posted. I can't wait to meet, confer, and otherwise hobnob with my fellow wizards -- er, booksellers -- and learn a thing or two. Anybody else got BEA plans? And speaking of a gathering of bookstores -- my buddy Steve sent me a link to this wonderful set of photos of bookstores . Some look like UK stores; many are in New York; some