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Link-Mad Monday: Festival Edition

Yesterday, September 16, was the Brooklyn Book Festival ! What a day, and what a turnout. The ALP and I had a socially/personally packed weekend (turning in my business plan was just the beginning), so we didn't head over to Borough Hall and environs until around 3:00. But we still managed to fill a tote bag (purchased from Word ) with new books, and see a lot of new and familiar faces, some of whom I'll name-drop here First stop was the Small Beer Press table, where the inimitable Gavin Grant was fending off the hordes. I chatted with Gavin about an event at the bookstore with their Interfictions anthology later in October, and snagged a copy of The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet , published by Del Rey but edited by Grant, to peruse for potential additions to our Halloween party lineup (and for the joy of smart, literate genre fiction, of course). This was about the time we realized we were going to need to hit the ATM. We'd already done some damage