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Friday Cleanup: Links, Appeals, Speculations

Friday is going to be a catch-all day on the blog: some weeks I may use it for longer musings, or for reviews, or for links if lots have accumulated since Monday. Today I can't stop thinking about the author event we had last night with Noah Lukeman's book A Dash Of Style , and his suggestion that your use of punctuation reveals something about you as a writer. Does my excessive use of dashes mean I'm a scattered thinker (or just a quick connection maker)? Does my reliance on exclamation marks in email mean I'm a teen drama queen or hungry for attention (or just passionate)? Does my obsession with parentheses mean that I feel I need to spell it out for the reader, or that I'm secretive, or just that there's a lot that needs to be fit into every sentence? Then again, almost anything can make me question myself... but only for a minute. More importantly, sharp-eyed reader and good friend to bookstores Miraida Morales has drawn my attention to an article in Ch