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Link-Mad Monday, Political Edition: The Book and the Candidate

I usually try to avoid overt politicizing around here, but it's the moment where everyone can be forgiven for announcing their endorsement, just once. It probably comes as no surprise that I, like many of my fellow progressive-minded indie booksellers, support Barack Obama for president in the election tomorrow. There are lots of reasons why -- I agree with the man's policies and actions (for the most part), and he's an optimist and an idealist, as well as practical about what needs to be done -- obviously I admire that. I want to propose another reason for voting for Obama, though, appropriate to this venue: he's a man of the book. Hence today's link madness... First, of course, he wrote a book , then another , that have been on the bestseller lists for many months, making him a friend to bookstores everywhere. I'll admit I've only read bits and pieces, but I've heard his speeches, and the man can write . As the New Yorker recently pointed out , s